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Who we are

Il Locale "Il Viandante", or "The Wayfarer", is a restaurant situated on the fertile grounds of the town of Sarzana.
Here, in this restaurant we aspire to be the meeting point for the modern wayfarer, who is perhaps captivated by the glow of the Via Francigena, inspired by the ideas of the "Festival della Mente" or drawn to the warm and welcoming nights of the "Soffitta". We hope to greet you with simple and familiar dishes that stem from the strong and tasty Mediterranean tradition that connects distant flavours, just as the Via Francigena connects different lands. Located in downtown Sarzana, the restaurant sits in the the historical courtyard which was once the refectory used by the monks of Sant' Andrea church to feed and provide refreshments to wayfarers travelling to and from Rome through the Via Francigena.

We propose tasty home-made dishes prepared daily by the expert hands of Emilia using seasonal and local ingredients, grown traditionally and in respect of the environment. Furthermore, if you wonder whether the name of the restaurant is an homage to the numerous wayfarers transiting through the Via Francigena, well , the simple answer is "Yes", but if you pass by and enjoy a meal with us, ask Egidio, you will find him in the dining room. He will probably answer you, among other things, that we are all "Wayfarers on the sea of fate".

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